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Who We Are

Destination Marketing

Promoting the diverse attractions, events, and experiences of Decatur and its surrounding areas to potential visitors through strategic marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Visitor Services

Providing assistance and information to tourists and visitors, including personalized recommendations, itineraries, and support in navigating the local area to enhance their overall experience.

Event Coordination

Collaborating with local businesses, organizations, and event planners to facilitate the successful execution of various events, conferences, and conventions, attracting attendees and boosting the local economy.

Our Team

Dedicated to allowing you to experience Decatur fully

Teri Hammel

Executive Director
Teri is responsible for leading and overseeing the strategic planning, promotion, and management of tourism initiatives, conventions, and visitor services in Decatur, Illinois.
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Jessica Milligan

Director of Meetings, Sports
& Events
Jessica is responsible for coordinating and executing successful meetings, sports tournaments, and events in Decatur, Illinois, to drive tourism and enhance the visitor experience.
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Tonya Culp

Director of Administrative Services
Tonya is responsible for managing and overseeing administrative operations, financial management, human resources, and office support functions to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the bureau.
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