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Museum & Art Galleries

Museum and Art Galleries

Welcome to the Museum and Art Gallery page, your gateway to the rich cultural heritage of Decatur. Our city is home to a remarkable collection of museums and art galleries that celebrate a diverse range of artistic expressions and historical narratives. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of art as you explore thought-provoking exhibitions, awe-inspiring installations, and masterful works by both local and internationally renowned artists. Delve into the past through our meticulously curated museums, where you can discover fascinating artifacts, explore significant moments in history, and gain a deeper understanding of our community’s heritage. From interactive displays to immersive experiences, our museums and art galleries offer something for everyone, from art enthusiasts and history buffs to families seeking educational and engaging outings. Join us on a journey of discovery and inspiration as you explore the vibrant cultural tapestry of Decatur’s museums and art galleries.

Decatur Museums

The African-American Cultural & Genealogical Society of Illinois Museum (AACGS)

AACGS promotes and provides resources and education on the history of the African American. Embracing all cultures, it offers (in part), genealogy workshops, museum displays, storytelling, essay & poetry contests and the promotion of Cultural Arts. Three main annual community events sponsored are Black History Month, Juneteenth National Freedom Day, and Kwanzaa Celebration.

235 W. Eldorado St. Decatur, IL 62522
(217) 429-7458

Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum

A museum of Chevrolet automobiles combining various race cars, Indy 500 Pacecars, and original unrestored examples of some of their finest automobiles built. This is all combined with one of the most extensive Chevrolet memorabilia collections ever viewed by the public. It is a must-see experience for automobile or race car buffs!

3635 US Route 36 East
1-(888) 926-9843 or (217) 454-4583

Children’s Museum of Illinois

Children’s Museum of Illinois is a hands-on, interactive museum for children ages two to twelve, with exhibits and activities that complement and enhance children’s educational opportunities. The Museum is located on the shores of Lake Decatur in Scovill Park, adjacent to Scovill Zoo.
It is ranked as one of the top 25 children’s museums in the United States.

Closed on all major holidays.

55 S. Country Club Road Decatur, IL 62521
(217) 423-5437

Hieronymus Mueller Museum

You can’t turn on your faucet, go roller skating, get a drink at a public fountain or drive your car without thinking about Hieronymus Mueller. Visit this interesting and award-winning museum, showcasing all this amazing inventor’s contributions to modern technology! Decatur’s “unsung genius” held over 500 patents. Among this exceptional facility’s treasures is the seventh of only eight cars manufactured by Mueller.

Special group tour rates and appointments are available.

420 W. Eldorado Decatur, IL 62523
(217) 423-6161

Macon County Museum Complex

The Prairie Years and Victorian Era in Central Illinois come to life in exhibits at the Macon County History Museum. “The Lincoln Connection Exhibit” tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s connection to Decatur and Macon County, and displays one of only two matching chairs that Lincoln owned and used in his Springfield, IL law office. Extensive Lincoln papers and reference materials can also be found in the Museum’s library.

5580 North Fork Road Decatur, IL 62521
(217) 422-4919

The Staley Museum

Housed in the restored Staley Mansion, the Staley Museum preserves the history of the A. E. Staley Family, the Staley Historic Home and the A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co., especially as it pertains to the history of the city of Decatur and the larger agricultural community. The Museum serves as a repository of information, historical documentation and memorabilia, as well as a cultural and educational contributor to the community of Decatur.

361 N. College Street Decatur, IL 62522
(217) 422-1212

Decatur Art Galleries

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